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Solar Polypack Industries

Solar Polypack Industries promises you to deliver quality products on time

Established in 1979

The Late Mr. Pradeep Batra and Om Prakash Batra founded Batra Medicos .  Holding a formal education in pharmacy from DIPSAR.  The pharmacy has since garnered a name and high reputation for its self and become a landmark in the city.  They also have a long-standing relationship with the state government supplying medicines to the CGHS for the last 25 years successfully.

In the year 2008, We also expanded and ventured into an exclusive Dermatological products marketing company Called Assure life science,  it has since gained favour with leading Doctors pan India . Further more, having first hand experience in the importance of good quality packaging and presentation of such products. Lami tubes being crucial and indispensable to this line of work.

Hence, we have now taken a step further to ensure that this aspect of these products, ours and others in the industry can benefit from high quality tubes and therefore have ventured into the manufacturing of lami tubes and thus , founded  Solar Polypack .

What is a Laminate Tube?

Laminate tubes are a Plastic tubes that is light weight, leak-proof, durable, and non-breakable. They are used for products like creams, shampoos, and other cosmetics and toiletries, they are also used for food, pharmaceuticals, household, and various industrial products.


We source our high-end technical equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers in Europe.

Some of the advantages of these tubes are:

1. Lightweight

2. Impact and corrosion resistant

3. It is able to provide an excellent barrier to protect against light, air, moisture and microorganisms, keeping all the properties of the product it contains intact.

4. The plastic tube has a memory — it goes back to its original shape after squeezing. It maintains its attractiveness throughout the life of the contents and the tube .

5. Laminated squeeze tubes offer a form of tube material with the advantages of plastic but with barrier properties close to those of metal.

Features & Properties

Lamitubes (or Laminate Tubes) are essentially tubes that are made by sealing two sides of a flat laminate.This laminate can be customized, to Outstanding features such as :

  • High gloss finish
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Easy squeeze action
  • Leak proof
  • Easy working caps
  • Printed up to 7 colors
  • Length of the tube can vary from 70 to 200 mm
  • Thickness can vary from 250, 275 and 300 microns
  • Different caps such as conical, flip top, standy

Confused ? Let us help you

With technology and world class European machine, we produce high quality laminate tubes as per specifications of our clients.

Manufacturing Unit

The infrastructure for the plant has been designed keeping in mind the importance of hygiene norms required for the packaging of various products.

Including a QC (quality check lab) to assure, finest quality of the finished product. With a completely automated manufacturing environment thereby reducing human involvement to a minimum while ensuring a high quality product.


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